Month: December 2018

3 Phase kWh Meter Wiring Diagram | Electrical Blog

This post is about the 3 phase kWh meter wiring diagram. or 3 phase 4 wire kWh meter wiring diagram. My last post is about the single phase energy meter wiring diagram which have 4 terminals. A 3 phase kWh meter have 4 terminals which used for 3 phase 4 wire system. 3 phase kWh

Single phase energy meter connection diagram kWh

This post is about the single phase kWh meter wiring diagram. or how to wire a single phase kWh energy meter. A 1 phase energy meter have 4 terminals. Two for input supply and to for output supply to the load. A example diagram shown about single phase kWh meter. However this just example. Every

3 Phase Forward Reverse Motor Control Circuit Diagram

This post is about the 3 phase forward reverse motor control circuit diagram. Or how make a forward reverse 3 phase motor starter. As you know that if we change one phase with other phase, the 3 phase motor change the rotation direction. For that we use two magnetic contactors. NC and NO Switches to

DOL Starter Wiring Diagram (Direct Online Starter)

DOl starter wiring diagram, yes this post is about to understand the 3 phase motor dol starter wiring connection. For small load three phase motor the common controlling device is dol starter. Which is easy made my a 3 pole or 4 pole MCB (miniature circuit breaker) or MCCB (molded- circuit breaker), magnetic contactor, motor