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DOL Starter Wiring Diagram For 3 Phase Motor Controlling

Three phase dol starter wiring is most used connection for controlling a three phase motor. In this post you will see the simple dol starter wiring diagram. Which is very simple to understand the complete connection. In the diagram you will see the three pole MCCB circuit breaker ( molded case circuit breaker), a magnetic

MCCB Wiring Diagram For 3 Pole And 4 Pole

In this post I am telling you about the mccb wiring diagram , as you know that molded case circuit breaker is also numbering in those types of circuit breaker which we use mostly in power wiring like three phase system in industrial wiring instillation. In this post I am going to tell you how to

Single Phase Submersible Pump Starter Wiring Diagram

As you know that nowadays we use chose submersible pump motor on the place of other pump motor, that’s why I am writing this post about single phase submersible pump starter wiring diagram and a video tutorial which help you understood the complete wiring connection. This will be your complete guide from installing or wiring

Ceiling Fan Capacitor Connection Diagram – Capacitors Wiring

As you know that ceiling fan is numbering in the top most used electrical appliances, In ceiling fan we use capacitor and this post is about the ceiling fan connection with capacitor with diagram. From this post you will learn completely that how to connect the capacitor to fan. Ceiling fan capacitor connection diagram is

Double Pole MCB Connection Diagram – 2 Pole MCB Wiring

Today I am sharing a double pole mcb connection diagram. In which I will show the complete method of wiring of double pole MCB (Miniature circuit breaker). As you know that we use the double pole mcb circuit breaker as the main circuit breaker in our single phase distribution board. We can also use this

Light Swich Wiring Diagram | How to wire light Switch Video Tutorial

Wiring light switch is first step which learn by a electrician or electrical student. This connection is very simple connection and most used in electrical house wiring. This connection can be done by one way switch, a light bulb socket, light bulb and electric wires. Light Switch Wiring Diagram From this post you complete learn

Wiring Lights in Series Connection Diagram | Electrical Wiring

In this post you will learn about the wiring lights series with complete explanation diagram, mostly we did not wire light bulbs in series connection in our house wiring but I am just writing this post just for your understanding and to learn complete about the current and voltage (pressure) in series circuit, and how