Ceiling Fan Capacitor Connection Diagram – Capacitors Wiring

As you know that ceiling fan is numbering in the top most used electrical appliances, In ceiling fan we use capacitor and this post is about the ceiling fan connection with capacitor with diagram. From this post you will learn completely that how to connect the capacitor to fan. Ceiling fan capacitor connection diagram is too simple and easy connection but a new person cannot do it easily. However IN SHA ALLAH after this post you can do it easily. But before you starting doing the ceiling fan capacitor connection or replacing the ceiling fan capacitor, keep in mind that electricity is dangerous and before you start the work , fallow the safety roles to safe himself from electrical accidents.

Ceiling Fan Capacitor Connection Diagram

To do the ceiling fan connection with capacitor or replacing the capacitor in fan fallow the steps.

First of all switch off your main circuit breaker to do safe from electrical accidents.
Then open the capacitor installation or connection point of fan, then read the old capacitor value and buy a new same value capacitor from market.
In ceiling fan we have 3 wire coming from winding , which know with name of common, start and run.
The common wire will be connect direct to power supply, running will connect to capacitor and supply and starting wire will be connect to other terminal of capacitor.
Now if you buy the same value capacitor then replace the capacitor as the old capacitor installed.

The capacitor will be connect as shown in the below ceiling fan connection with capacitor diagram.

ceiling fan capacitor connection diagram

In the above ceiling fan connection with capacitor diagram , I shown the fan internally winding and capacitor connection. In the diagram I shown the main winding which we also known with the name of running winding and auxiliary winding which we also known with the same of starting winding.

These winding connect with one another and make a common point. From the common point, the common wire comes. So if we connect the neutral wire to the common point then neutral provided to both winding. But still it’s need phase wire or other wire to do work or to start the fan.

When we connect the phase wire to running winding. The main winding complete it’s circuit but it’s need some auxiliary force to move or to start revolutions. The capacitor provide the leading power factor to the auxiliary winding and due to this leading current. The fan start working and start the revolutions. I home the above ceiling fan connection with capacitor diagram help you very much.

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