DOL Starter Wiring Diagram (Direct Online Starter)

DOl starter wiring diagram, yes this post is about to understand the 3 phase motor dol starter wiring connection. For small load three phase motor the common controlling device is dol starter. Which is easy made my a 3 pole or 4 pole MCB (miniature circuit breaker) or MCCB (molded- circuit breaker), magnetic contactor, motor overload protection relay (electronic overload current relay or thermal overload relay), Normally close push button switch and Normally open push button switch.

DOL Starter Wiring Diagram For 3 Phase Motor

Main parts for making direct online starter:

MCCB 3 pole Circuit breaker
A magnetic Contactor
Over current motor protection relay
NC and NO Push button switch
Electric wires for main wiring and control wiring
In the below diagram the MCCB is not shown, the three phase supply comes from mccb circuit breaker.

dol starter wiring diagram

In the above 3 phase dol starter wiring diagram all connection shown. And if you want to learn it in image type diagram. In which the three phase induction motor connection shown and all the direct online starter wiring shown with simple steps.
Then read the below article and learn from simple dol starter wiring diagram.

3 phase motor contactor wiring diagram

Note that the single phase dol starter wiring diagram is also like this. And if you want to learn about the dol starter wiring for single phase then read the below post.

Single phase motor dol starter connection diagram

You can also connect timer, limit switches, float- switch, reverse forward, remote switches, and other controlling device with dol starter. I hope know you will be able to make a dol starter for three phase motor. Note that the direct online starter is not use only for three phase induction motor but you can also use if other electric machine. If you want to learn about the forward reverse motor starter main wiring and controlling wiring then visit the below link.

Forward reverse 3 phase motor starter wiring diagram


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