How to Wire Switches In Series

how to wire switches in series

As you know that we wire switches for different types for controlling but are you know that how to wire switches in series. Mostly we do ‘not wire switches in series but some time we need this type of connection. Or here is a little importance to learn how wire lights switches in series or how to wire one way switches in series for electrical students.

How to Wire Switch in Series Connection


As you know that in series connection we have only one path of current flow. And if we think about a one way switch which used for controlling a ceiling fan or a light bulb. We find it that the switch is connected in series between the supply and load.
But here is the question is that how to wire switches in series. For example we are going to wire a 2 one way switches for one lamp/light bulb controlling and we need that the light bulb ON when we switch ON the both switches. So we will need to wire both switches in series. In this type connection the light bulb will OFF when one of the switch is OFF direction but to ON the light bulb we should ON the both switches. Here I shown the diagram of wiring switches in series connection.

how to wire switches in series

In the above switches in series diagram. I show two one way switches/single way switches which are used for only one light bulb controlling. Not that this type of wiring connection mostly not used in our daily life. But the reason of this post in only that you learn that how to wire switches in series connection. And further we will use different types of switches in series connection so this just in example to understand.

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