Single Phase House Wiring Diagram – DB Board Wiring

Single Phase House Wiring Diagram

In this post, you will learn the complete wiring of single phase house wiring diagram with an Energy meter, double pole MCB circuit breaker, RCCB or RCD breaker, single pole MCB circuit breakers, switchboard, motor starter and power plugs. In the post not only, I share a single phase house wiring diagram about the 1-phase distribution board but also animation video tutorials that help you more to understand the complete house wiring step by step.

In the diagram, I first show the single-phase energy meter Kwh wiring, with a complete wiring connection. After the Kwh meter connection, I wired the double pole MCB circuit breaker, and after the MCB breaker, the supply is provided to the RCCB or RCD circuit breaker. The complete connection of single-pole MCB circuit breakers is shown.

In the below house wiring distribution diagram, I have also shown the switchboard connection, in which the light bulbs, outlet and ceiling fan with dimmer switch connection are shown. The two power plug connections are shown which control with single-pole MCB circuit breakers. A single-phase motor starter connection is shown in the below diagram. The earthing connection is shown with an outlet, power plug, motor starter and single-phase motor.

single phase house wiring diagram

House Wiring Animation Video

In the above single-phase DB board wiring diagram all wiring connections are shown, however, there is a single-phase house wiring diagram animation video tutorial that can help you better understand. So kindly watch the below video tutorial for a better understanding.

I hope after watching the above DB Board animation video tutorial, now you will be completely understood, however, if you have any questions according to the diagram or video, you can ask your question in the below comments section.

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