Single Phase Motor Wiring Diagram With Capacitor Start pdf

Single Phase Motor Wiring Diagram With Capacitor Start pdf

Single phase motor wiring diagram helps you more to understand how to wire install a single-phase motor in home appliances. As you know, nowadays mostly we use single-phase electricity to operate single-phase motors such as water pump motors, washing machines, electric fans, dryers, submersible pumps etc. That’s why I am writing this post about the single-phase motor wiring diagrams, and this will help you to work on motors like maintenance and repair.

There are different types of single-phase motors and each has a different working principle and may have a different schematic diagram, wiring connection and purpose. This is why learning every type is good for you.

In single-phase motors, we have two types of windings, Main windings and Auxiliary windings. The connection between Main Winding and Auxiliary Winding is called “Common”. The other side of the Main Winding is called “Run” and Auxiliary Winding other side is called “Start”.
In some Single phase Motors, we used starting capacitor with auxiliary winding throw a centrifugal switch and when the motor speed reaches to point, the starting capacitor will de-energize.
And in some single-phase motors, we used a running capacitor, in which the capacitor is energised all time when the motor is running.

Single Phase Induction Motor Wiring with capacitor Diagram

In the below diagram, I have shown the single-phase induction motor Main winding (Running Winding) and Auxiliary winding (starting Winding) with starting capacitor and centrifugal switch.
The centrifugal switch is used to connect the starting capacitor to the auxiliary winding and the power source. Once the motor reaches a certain speed. The switch will disconnect the Starting capacitor and motor auxiliary winding from the power source.
Now the motor will work only on Main Winding. We can call these types of motors “capacitor start induction motors”. Because the capacitor is used only for the motor starting.


single phase motor with centrifugal switch wiring diagram


Split Phase Capacitor motor wiring diagram

In the type of single-phase motor, we use a running capacitor, the capacitor works permanently with the motor. In the below split-phase capacitor diagram, I have shown the running capacitor with motor starting windings. This capacitor works permanently with motor winding and power source. This type of motor does not need any centrifugal switch or any cut-off switch between the supply and “starting winding”.

Single Phase Motor Wiring Diagram With Capacitor Start pdf

Capacitor Start Capacitor Run Motor Wiring Diagram

In some types of single-phase motors, we used two capacitors, Starting and Running Capacitors. This type of motor is called a capacitor start capacitor run motor. The starting capacitor is connected with auxiliary winding and power source throw a centrifugal switch. And Running Capacitor is connected directly to the motor auxiliary winding and power source.

capacitor start capacitor run motor wiring diagram


Single Phase Refrigerator Compressor

A Single phase refrigerator compressor is also a single-phase motor. With a single-phase compressor, we use PTC Relay or current-type relay. In a PTC relay, the compressor can run with a capacitor and without a capacitor. With a PTC relay we use mostly running capacitors, however, we can use starting capacitors with a PTC Relay.

A Current-type relay work as a centrifugal switch. A start capacitor is used with a current-type relay. When the compressor starts, the relay cut off the capacitor from the starting windings of the compressor and power source.

Single Phase Submersible Motors

The single-phase water submersible motor is also a permanent split-phase capacitor motor. we use a permanent capacitor with motor starting windings. With a submersible pump motor we use a starter box with a resettable thermal overload switch, double pole double throw relay and capacitor.

Single-phase Motor Start Run and Common

As you know there are three types of connection from a single-phase motor, If you did not know what is Start, Run And common. And how to find out the Start, Run and common than kidly read the below articles. Which helps you more.

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Final Words:

I hope after reading this article, you will complete understanding of how to wire a single-phase motor, And there is no need to read a single-phase motor wiring diagram with capacitor start pdf. However, you can read below the Wikipedia guide about single-phase motors pdf.

Single Phase Motors and Capacitors


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