Single Pole MCB Connection Diagram | Wiring MCB Video Tutorial

Today I will show you the single pole MCB connection diagram and video tutorial. In which I shown the complete method of wiring of single pole mcb connection. This is too simple and easy connection and you can wire it just like a one way switch. I will try my best to tech you about the electrical wiring. But before you start the wiring works. First think about the safety and always follow the safety roles.

Single Pole MCB Connection Diagram – How to wire a single pole MCB circuit breaker?

As I told above that the wiring connection of single pole mcb circuit breaker is like a one way switch wiring. Because this is also a switch and like a one way switch the single pole mcb breaker have also two terminals. In which one is for input supply and other one for out supply.

Here I shown the single pole mcb wiring connection diagram. In which I shown the single pole mcb (miniature circuit breaker) which controlled the phase wire (Line) and the neutral is direct.

single pole mcb wiring diagram

As I shown in the above diagram. Same we use single pole mcb in our distribution boards. In distribution board we get phase wire supply from the main circuit breaker and connect to all single pole mcb circuit breakers. Then we get supply from these breakers for different loads.

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How to Do Single Pole MCB Wiring Connection (English Video tutorial)

In the below tutorial. I try my level best to make you understand about the single pole mcb connection or installation of single pole mcb circuit breaker. So for better understanding kindly watch the below video tutorial in English language.

I hope after single pole mcb connection diagram and video tutorial. Now you will be complete understood. However I you have any question or want to gave us some suggestion then you can use the below commenting system. Stay tune with use …… Good Bye…….

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