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As you know that I also written about the lights in series and in this post I am witting about the wiring lights parallel connection. And if you did not read the series connection of lights bulbs post or did not watch the video tutorial then watch also that video because this too important to understand the series circuit. As I told that in this article I am going to write about the parallel circuit and parallel connection for light bulbs with complete diagram but not only diagram but also video tutorial in English language. This will be complete explanation for understanding parallel circuit or wiring lights in parallel.


What is parallel connection

A parallel connection we called to circuit in electrical works which have more than one path for current flow, or a circuit in which we have more than one way for flow of current. In parallel connection we have different current ( ampere) in each part of circuit but this will be regarding the load. And Voltage (pressure) will be same in the each path of circuit.

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Wiring Lights In Parallel Connection Diagram

The wiring of lights in parallel connection is too simple and easy , you need to connect to supply to each light bulb from the power source or we can said that the electric supply will connect to lights in parallel as I shown the below diagram.

wiring lights in parallel diagram

In the above diagram I shown how to wire lights in parallel with supply but One thing more that we mostly use the parallel connection in house wiring and other electrical wiring installation.

The wiring of lights or lamps in parallel connection is too simple , you need to provide neutral and phase (hot wire) to each light bulb or lamp. If one of the light element burn or break- will no effect on other bulbs because there are different ways for flowing current and also increasing light bulbs / lamps will not effect on circuit because the voltage is same in every path of circuit.

The wiring lights parallel is too simple and easy wiring connection however I suggest to watch the below video tutorial which in English language.

I hope after watching the above wiring lights in parallel video tutorial, now you will be completely understood. However if you have any question regarding this post or video tutorial then you can use the below commenting system.

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