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In this post you will learn about the wiring lights series with complete explanation diagram, mostly we did not wire light bulbs in series connection in our house wiring but I am just writing this post just for your understanding and to learn complete about the current and voltage (pressure) in series circuit, and how a series circuit works and why we did not use the series lights connection in house wiring. As I told that we did not use the series connection for bulb in house wiring installation, however some time we need this connection for some things, for example doing explanation of series circuits or making a series testing board. Some time we make a series testing lamp for testing electrical machine or short circuits.

Wiring Lights in Series Connection Diagram – Current And Voltage In Series Circuit

First I want to show how to wire lights in series connection, in simple words a series circuit is a circuit in which we have only one path for current flow and only one way to flow the electron. When we talking about the AC or DC light bulbs, we know that we have to terminals in a bulbs or to contacts to provide the electric supply.
Each light bulb have their own requirement of pressure (V) and their own wattage.
One thing more that in series circuit the current (I) or ampere will be same in very path of circuit and pressure (voltage) will be different.

One thing more that when we connect two lights in series then it rated voltage plus to one another, for example if you have two 110 volts bulbs and you connect these lights in series then these lights double his voltage 110 + 110 = 220 volts, it’s means that you can provide a 220 ACV source to these lights and it’s would be worked properly.
When you are going to wire light bulbs in series, so the method is simple and easy you need to connect it in series or make connection together with one another as I shown in below diagram.

wiring lights in series connection diagram

Why we did not use series circuit in our house wiring

As I written in above words that in series circuit the flow of current have only one way. So if we wire the lights in series in our house wiring and one of light element cut or burn then other lights will stop working due open circuit.
How to control lights in series from a switch
As you know that we use different switches for different works but the most popular switch in one way switch which we use more than other switches. We can switch off or On a light bulb from one way or single way switch. I also shown the switch connection in above wiring lights series diagram.

How Wire Lights Bulbs in Series English Video Tutorial

Here the complete video tutorial of wiring lights series in English, So for better understanding about series connection and series circuit current and voltage. Kindly watch the below video tutorial.

I hope after watching the above wiring lights series video tutorial, now you will be completely understood, however if you have any question regarding the video or diagram the you can ask me in below comment section.

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