MCCB Wiring Diagram For 3 Pole And 4 Pole

In this post I am telling you about the mccb wiring diagram , as you know that molded case circuit breakerĀ is also numbering in those types of circuit breaker which we use mostly in power wiring like three phase system in industrial wiring instillation. In this post I am going to tell you how to wire 4 pole and 3 pole Molded case circuit breakers. This wiring connection is too simple and too easy.
We use 4 pole MCCB circuit breaker for 3 phase 4 wire system which 3 lines and one neutral and we use 3 pole breaker for controlling the three lines.

MCCB Wiring Diagram For three Pole And four Pole

Here the complete explanation diagram of 4 and 3 pole MCCB breaker wiring.

mcb wiring diagram

The wiring is too simple which is shown in the above mccb wiring diagrams and I think no need to explain more.

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